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The Educational Grant Program

The Educational Grant is awarded to employees and their children for post high school training and education. The grant is currently set at $2,250/year for 2 year colleges and training programs and $4,000/year for 4 year colleges and universities. The Living Legacy Foundation does not consider academic achievement when deciding to make an award. The only requirements are that the student is either an employee or the child of an employee (the employee must have been employed full or part time for at least nine months) and that the student has been accepted for a place at a college of university.

As well as directly benefiting the recipients, the Educational Grant program benefits residents by aiding recruitment of new employees, retaining existing employees and creating a more caring and personal relationship between our employees and our residents.

The Educational Grant is also awarded to employees studying for a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) certificate at an institution approved by the Director of the SRC Health Care Center. The grant is currently set at $800.

We believe that education is the key to upward mobility in this country and can think of no more worthy cause for your tax-deductible donation.

The Financial Aid to Needy Residents Program

The SRC Living Legacy Foundation offers financial aid to residents in need.

Every resident has the right guaranteed by California law to manage their own finances and pay their bills in the order they choose. If, after paying their non Saratoga Retirement Community (SRC) bills, they cannot pay their monthly SRC bills, they are entitled to a subsidy from SRC up to and including the entire bill. This subsidy is not charity but a benefit included with the residency at a 501(c)(3) retirement home.

Once a resident is receiving the full subsidy from SRC, the resident can apply directly to the Living Legacy Foundation for aid that can be used for any necessary expense at resident's discretion. The LLF holds funds that have been donated for this particular purpose. Donors are free to donate specifically for this purpose and can indicate this on the donation slips.

Click here for further information on how to apply for a grant from one of our programs

The SRC Living Legacy Foundation is a tax-exempt charity under the IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt umbrella. Its tax ID is #84-3432820

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