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Annual Fund Raising Campaign 2024
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In 2023 the Foundation provided a total of $102,600 in grants to 44 students. We raised $81,950, or 96% of our goal of $85,000 (an increase of $5,000 from the 2022 goal).

In the eighteen years since a group of SRC residents created the organization, it has provided over $700,000 to more than 400 employees and their children to help them attend a college of their choice.

This year’s Campaign events continue our focus on higher education. The goal for this year is $85,000. The Foundation has scheduled two programs during the campaign. The first program, on May 3rd, featured a presentation by Michael Kirst, Professor Emeritus at the Stanford  School of Education. Prof Kirst discussed “Improving K-12 Education: Challenges and New Strategies ”. The second program was a live program at the Koi Pond on Monday June 24th featuring remarks by previous grantees. Recordings of our events are available on the For Donors page of this website.

The Board asks that each of you reflect on the importance of education in your own lives and the lives of your family and friends, and that you commit to helping make that possible for SRC employees and their families. The LLF Board thanks you all in advance for your support of this year’s Campaign and for your continuing commitment to our employees and to education!

The SRC Living Legacy Foundation is a California corporation with IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. Its tax ID is 84-3432820.

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